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Kylix is here! - by J.D. Hildebrand

Abstract:It's hot. It's RAD. It's the biggest news at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo.

Kylix is here!
It's hot. It's RAD. It's the biggest news at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo.

You should hear the buzz on the show floor at LinuxWorld. "Have you seen Kylix yet?" "What are they charging for it, again?" "Have you heard when it's shipping?" "Did you see that cool demo?"

Kylix was introduced at 4 p.m. Wednesday, January 31, 2001, at Borland's booth -- number 1603 -- on the conference floor. Developers crowded into the booth to hear the first public disclosure of the product's specifications and see a demo of Kylix in action.

The legend on the screen told the whole story:

Native Rapid Application
Development for Linux

Within a few minutes, everyone in the crowded booth learned what Kylix was all about, from the intuitive visual design environment to the state-of-the-art optimizing native-code compiler, from the interactive debugger to the comprehensive suite of bundled components.

Kylix is intended to support the rapid development of robust applications for the Linux platform, with special support for user-interface construction, component-based development, Apache Web Server applications, data-driven distributed database apps, and scalable Web-based applications. Kylix isn't just the first native-code RAD tool for Linux: It brings all the strengths of Borland's proven Delphi and C++Builder tools to the Linux platform. It's a component-based development environment for two-way visual development of GUI, Internet, database, and Web server applications.

Bill Claybrook, research director for Aberdeen Group, describes Kylix's promise this way: "To bring Linux into the mainstream, it needs professional applications. Linux developers need a simplified and standardized environment for creating these applications faster, and Kylix meets this need like no other development environment has. Kylix builds on the existing skills, and maintains the same development paradigm, that Windows developers already have, to considerably speed their time-to-market."

WHAT KYLIX IS GOOD FOR. Who needs Kylix? The short answer is, anyone who needs to deliver top-quality native applications for Linux on schedule. The short answer is that Kylix is particularly well-suited to several distinct groups of developers.

Professionals who currently use Borland Delphi will feel productive with Kylix right away. Kylix is built on proven Delphi technology, with a new cross-platform component library -- CLX -- which replaces the VCL. Modeled after the award-winning component library of Borland Delphi and C++Builder, CLX will simplify the migration of Windows-based programs -- and Windows-based programmers -- to the Linux platform. The Kylix IDE supports the drag-and-drop development of component-based applications, and it will be supported by a wide range of open source and commercial components.

Millions of programmers who use C++ and Visual Basic on the Windows platform will find plenty to like too. Kylix builds upon and extends the familiar Windows visual programming model to Kylix, allowing very rapid construction of native Linux apps for the desktop.

Developers who currently write Linux applications will now have access to a highly productive alternative, a RAD environment that will empower them to deliver applications much more quickly and enjoyably, with much less repetitive coding and fewer tool-integration headaches.

Apache developers will accelerate their Web server development with NetCLX, which combines browser, server, and database development technologies to quickly deliver scalable Web applications that support a large number of users and large volumes of data.

And with DataCLX and dbExpress, database developers will easily integrate corporate information into applications via high-speed drivers for IBM DB2, Oracle 8i, InterBase, and MySQL.

In short, Kylix is the ideal choice for developers who seek an efficient, highly productive tool to assist them in the creation of GUI, Internet, database, and Web server applications.

CERTIFIED DISTRIBUTIONS. Linux distributions from SuSE, Red Hat, and MandrakeSoft are certified for Kylix, which means these distributions offer developers the ability to quickly and easily developer applications with Kylix.

"We are very excited to be working with Borland," says Volker Wiegand, president of SuSE Inc. "Kylix will bring with it countless developers and applications, and begin the next wave in Linux development. Combining Kylix's rapid application development with open source will accelerate the speed with which innovations will occur in the Linux community."

Caldera chief technology officer Drew Spencer agrees: "Linux needs development environments like Kylix to build critical applications and solutions. Our upcoming server and desktop products will be 'Kylix-ready' and we will be certifying Kylix for Caldera."

THREE KYLIKES. (YES, THAT'S HOW YOU PLURALIZE IT.) Kylix will be delivered in three initial versions: Kylix Server Developer ($1,999) for professional and corporate Apache Web developers, Kylix Desktop Developer ($999) for professional application developers, and Kylix Open Edition for open source and (GPL) free software developers. The Open Edition will be available for free download from Borland's Web site or may be purchased for $99, which includes hardcopy documentation and installation CD. Kylix Server Developer and Kylix Desktop Developer will be available before the end of the first quarter of 2001; the Open Edition will be available by midyear.

DATABASE SUPPORT. Developers who use the Server Developer edition of Kylix will benefit from seamless integration of enterprise-class data from IBM DB2 and Oracle 8i databases. The Server edition includes dbExpress, an open database architecture for accessing corporate data. dbExpress includes freely deployable, high-performance native drivers for DB2 and Oracle 8i, as well as the MySQL and InterBase open source databases. dbExpress integrates seamlessly with NetCLX for accelerated Apache Web Server development and with Visual CLX for building sophisticated GUI apps for the desktop.

"We are pleased that Borland is supporting the Apache Web Server community with Kylix," says Roy Fielding, chairman of the Apache Software Foundation. "The Apache project encourages the adoption of open-source software by commercial software vendors in order to give our community the broadest possible choice of tools and add-ons."

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